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Hammam, a celebration of sensuality… In the Hammam, body and mind take a bath within gentle heat and soft light of the hammam room. The body is heated up slowly to a temperature of maximum 50 degree C. This kind of “artificial fever” is enforcing the immunization and is the reason for the long lasting relaxed effect. Hammam is a luxurious experience for body and mind.

GOMMAGE is a highly effective way to exfoliate the body leaving skin feeling silky and soft. This cleansing, rehydrating treatment is performed in our heated room called Hammam. A form of exfoliation is applied in long massage like movements and rinsed off later. Gommage offers many benefits as it removes dead cells and toxins that have accumulated on the surface of the skin. These dead cells block the pores of the skin, causing the skin to loose its flexibility and softness. Gommage works to cleanse the skin, stimulating cellular regeneration, blood circulation and increases effectiveness of skin products by enabling them to penetrate the skin with ease.

Moroccan Rassoul Gommage(Signature)  $79.95 
Hammam, Gommage, 30 minute massage $119.95
Hammam, Gommage, 60 minute massage $149.95
Hammam, Gommage, 90 minute massage $189.95
Hammam, Gommage, Mini Facial $129.95
Hammam, Gommage, Mini Facial, 30 min massage $179.95
Hammam, Gommage, Mini Facial, 60 min massage $199.95
Hammam, Gommage, Facial
Hammam, Gommage, Facial, 60 min. massage
Hammam, Gommage, Mini Facial, 90 min massage $249.95
Hammam, Gommage, Facial, 90 min massage $269.95

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